WaSeala is a fully automated website that serves as a medium between teachers and students. We offer both Arabic and Quran online classes with top teachers. Our aim is to provide our students with a flexible and effective method of education that fits in everyone's busy schedule and at the same time help them achieve their goals. We are the most cost effective Quran learning website as our business model is not based on profit and operates on a cost sharing model. We don't have administrative overhead as our site is self served. All payments for classes go to the teachers or are used to cover the operating cost (server fees) which has an upper cap of 10% of the hourly rate. The teachers receive at least 90% of the hourly rate they set for their classes. None of the money paid for classes is used towards paid advertising.

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Flexible Pre Paid Payments

Our class prices are based on an hourly rate set by the teacher up to a maximum hourly rate of $8 per hour. First hour is always free and doesn't require purchase or any type of commitment, just create a free account to gain the free credit. After the trial classes you can buy credit starting from $8 equivillant to one hour or more classes depending on the teacher's hourly rate. WaSeala seeks to become the best online Quran learning platform, to help our Muslim community, and to provide our children the opportunity to learn Quran at their own convienence. Financial profit is not part of our business model and all class payments go to the teacher or cover the operation cost.


We are located in the US but we serve students from all over the world. Most of our teachers are based in Egypt.

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