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All your Questions answered in one place
What are the account types?
WaSeala has three account types. A teacher account which is used by the teachers, a user account which holds the credit information and a student account which is always associated with a user account.
Can this site be used from a mobile phone?
Yes, the site fully supports access through a mobile phone browser, however due to screen size limitation the view of the calendar is different which might be harder to manage.
How to create a teacher account?
Teachers are given a code after passing the interview process which will be used to create a teacher account.
How to create a user account?
Fill in the details in the mandatory fields in the register page to create a user account. The username is also the user email address.
How to create a student account?
One or more student accounts can be created as a sub accounts after creating a user account.
How do I know a class is available for booking?
Teachers mark their availability on their calendars. Available slots are white in color, other slot colors indicates different states. A class can only be booked by a configurable number of hours in advance. The number of hours is configured by every teacher so that he/she will be notified ahead of time to better manage his/her busy schedule.
How to Change the profile picture?
By clicking on the (...) icon on the picture you can upload your own picture or you can click on "Pick Avatar" just below the profile picture to change the default Avatar.
What are the allowed password character combinations?
A password must be at least 8 characters in length with at least one upper case letter, one number and one special character.
Can a lesson be refunded?
Yes the teacher or admin can refund a lesson to a student provided the lesson is within the same month or future month the refund is issued. Lessons in previous months can only be handled by an administrator as it was billed in a previous billing cycle.
How is refunded lessons credited?
A refunded lesson is added to the user credit.
Can a student or user cancel a lessons?
No, only teachers and administrators can refund lessons once it has been booked. However lessons can be deleted from the cart before checkout. For example a user can book a recurring lesson for 10 weeks then delete the lesson at week 7 for example before he checks out which makes it easier to book recurring lessons then delete ones in special days like holidays but once he has checked out only the teacher can refund the lesson. This is because the lesson has already been allocated from the teacher scheduled and only the teacher or administrator can determine weather or not it should be refunded.
How can teachers determine their availability?
Teachers mark the time they are available in their calendar. This is done as a single event or as a recurring event. Recurring events marked as available will be available each week same day same time as long as the time is available in their calendar.
What is the difference between single event and recurring events?
This depends on the account type. Users can book an individual class at a specific time or they can book this class as a returning class for up to 10 weeks. Teachers can also mark a spot as available for a single time on a specific day or can mark a spot as available the same time, same day every week. If there is a timezone change due to daylight saving in either the user or teacher account the recurring event stops at the day the clock transitions, also if a user tried to book 10 recurring classes at a specific time but the class was already booked at for example week 6, an error message will be displayed stating that the class can only be booked for up to 6 weeks and the user can decide to book it for 6 weeks or search for another spot.
How is timezone managed?
When an account is setup the user sets up his timezone and associate it with his account. All calendars the user views will be displayed in his timezone, also daylight saving events will be handled according to his configured timezone. So the teacher can set his availability according to his own timezone and the user will see the teachers availability in his own timezone. The timezone conversion is transparent to the user, the user needs to be only aware of his own timezone.
Can a user change his timezone?
Yes a user can permanently alter his time zone my updating his account setting. He can also temporary view calendar events according to a different timezone by temporary setting the timezone for the calendar, this setting is lost as soon as the user exits the calendar page. This is useful for users to check their teachers availability according to the teacher timezone if he wishes or vice versa.
What portion of the lesson cost is received by the teacher?
Typically the teacher receives 70% of the total payment per lesson and this also include 70% of the transaction fee when applicable, however this depends on other factors such as teacher location, taxes, credit card transaction fees or other fees associated with the location of both the teacher and the student. This is always discussed in details when a new teacher wishes to join us.
Can anyone become a teacher?
Anyone who meets our qualifications can become a teacher on our website. He has full flexibility to provide lessons according to his own time scheduled by setting his availability in his calendar.
Can a teacher stop accepting new students?
Yes, in the teacher account setting a teacher can specify that he can't accept new students and if the teacher wants to allow specific students to book his classes (s)he can do so by adding them to his/her student list. This will not allow new students to book directly through his calendar, however users or students can send messages to this teacher to discuss his availability if they wish to do so.