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We specialize in teaching Arabic and Quran online

We act as a medium between teachers and students in a full feature Website. We offer both Arabic and Quran online classes with top teachers. Our aim is to provide our students with flexible and effective method of education that fits in everyone busy schedule and at the same time help them achieve their goals.

As a response to the effects caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on the education system we started providing Math classes to Elementary school students from KG  to grade 6. This is a pilot program and the Math classes we offer are supplementary to help fill the gap between distance and in-person learning.

The Arabic and Math programs welcome students from any religious background.


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In order for students to fully benefit from the platform, they must set up an account in which they will be able to to view teachers' profiles, book classes and manage their own calendar. When a new user account is created for the first time, we offer free credit that is sufficient to cover the cost of at least one lesson depending on the teacher rate.

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